The week in “blasphemy” news #2

Appeal against death sentences for text messages, demands for new “blasphemy” law in India, the insidious defense of an assassin, and an entire Christian community still living in slums after the 2012 Islamabad “blasphemy” riots. Another week in “blasphemy” laws, accusations, and persecution… Continue reading »

One week in “blasphemy”

In the first week of the End Blasphemy Laws Campaign, there have been “blasphemy”-related mob violence and looting, reportedly resulting in two deaths, an attack on a Christian school ostensibly in response to caricatures in the publication Charlie Hebdo, and a senior Pakistani politician publicly placed a bounty on the life of the owner of that infamous magazine. Continue reading »

Reaction to our new International Coalition

Our campaign was launched last Friday, by a brand new International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws.

Initially a merger of two parallel efforts by humanist, atheist and other secular organizations, we’re pleased to announce today that in the first week we’ve been joined by several religious organizations speaking out against “blasphemy” laws; mostly these groups describe themselves as liberal Muslim groups or in similar terms; in addition we welcome various ex-Muslim, human rights, some Christian, and further secular and freethought groups. See our Partners page for the full and growing list of partners in this extraordinary coalition. Continue reading »

Let’s abolish all blasphemy laws, worldwide

A new international campaign launches today, Friday 30 January, aimed at abolishing “blasphemy laws” worldwide.

The End Blasphemy Laws campaign is thought to be the first campaign focusing solely on the issue of laws against “blasphemy” including “ridicule” and “insult” to religion or “hurting religious sentiments”. Continue reading »