San Marino

San Marino still has blasphemy laws in place. They do not appear to be used but remain on statute.

The Penal Code under section 260 on “religious insult”, criminalizes “profaning” the symbols of a religion (as long as those symbols do not run contrary to public morality – which suggest a further discriminatory element in the law). The same section criminalizes “profaning” objects of worship or publicly mocking acts of worship, offences to the honour and dignity of a minister, and “profaning” the sacred relics of San Marino. All are imprisonable offences.

In 2007, some Italian groups circulated a book titled “The Little Atheist” in schools. The book promoted an atheistic view and criticized the Catholic Church. The book was publicly denounced by Catholic bishops who dismissed it as “propaganda”, but its circulation does not appear to have been blocked.