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Asia Bibi acquittal: what the judges said, and what happens next

Asia Bibi, a Christian farm labourer from Pakistan, has been in solitary confinement for most of the past 9 years. She was sentenced to death in 2010, based on a ‘blasphemy’ accusation made by some of her Muslim neigbours. The neighbours had objected to her drinking from the same water source and reportedly pressured her […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #37

There were a lot of cases of ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan last year, 1,400, and that’s just the formally registered ones. In another case this week, a Pakistani Christian father has had to flee with his sons after being told he couldn’t use the village’s only clean water tap unless the family converted. India under Prime […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #32

Bangladesh Prime Minister imagines land of social harmony, if only everyone would never have a debate about religion again Pakistan: “Hasty” and “brutal” blasphemy charge against Christian labourer accused by business competitors Courageous Pakistani human rights lawyer of 33 years: “my work is for humanity”, and re blasphemy law “There is a big problem” Richard […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #29

End Blasphemy Laws partners join massive worldwide call to action on Bangladesh blogger murders Blogger murder arrests reported and “paraded”, but are they credible? Pakistan: Three arrested for the crime of using the word “Prophet” on a poster while not being Muslims Pakistan: Where you have to wait an extremely long time in prison to have your “blasphemy” […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #27

Saudi Arabia really doesn’t want anyone, anywhere in the world to talk critically about (or “insult”) religion Two pastors in Sudan escape death penalty, after being freed on time served Journalist Shoaib Adil is in hiding after being accused of “blasphemy” in Pakistan Secular groups lobby Nigeria to Save the Kano Nine The gay Pride stabbing in Jerusalem was wrong, […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #26

This week: In Sudan, two pastors await sentencing on “blasphemy” and a host of other charges, facing a possible death sentence Someone posts something someone doesn’t like on a Whatsapp page, some idiot runs to the police with a screenshot United Arab Emirates: That new ‘anti-discrimination’ law all the human rights groups and commentators said might be used […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #25

In this our twenty-fifth weekly round-up of “blasphemy” news and views: Two new laws, in United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait, sneak in new “blasphemy” bans. Charlie Hebdo‘s new editor says they won’t be publishing Muhammad cartoons anymore, and Salman Rushdie says we’ve “learned the wrong lessons” from violence. Meanwhile in Pakistan, “justice” comes very, very slowly! […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #23

This week, there’s news of another possible “blasphemy” law repeal, this time in Malta. Meanwhile, in areas controlled by militant group ISIS, reports detail ongoing torture and executions, including of young children, for such supposed crimes as “blasphemy”. In Sudan there’s news of possible death sentences for two “blasphemous” Christian pastors, while in Bangladesh the media has […]

The week in “blasphemy” news #21

Blasphemy death sentences in Nigeria dominate our immediate concerns. There’s also the ongoing plight of a young blogger in Singapore, and efforts by Christians to reform “blasphemy” laws in Pakistan. And the Pope apologises to a “heretic” church… 800 years later.