Published on 25 October 2021 in Blasphemy news

Cyprus drops disciplinary proceedings against artist George Gavriel

The End Blasphemy Laws (EBL) Coalition celebrates the news that investigative proceedings against Cypriot artist George Gavriel have been dropped. However, Mr Gavriel should never have been placed under investigation.

Painting by George Gavriel “Mercedes – Benz”

In September 2020, Gavriel was placed under investigation by the Ministry of Education following complaints that his paintings, which he published on his personal Facebook account, are derogatory of religion. Some of his artworks, which he describes as “anti-establishment,” are religion-themed with one depicting a naked Jesus and another a dog urinating on the archbishop. Archbishop Chrysostomos is reported to be among the complainants.

The End Blasphemy Laws Coalition welcomes the decision to drop proceedings against Gavriel, urging the Cypriot authorities to repeal sections 142-144 of the Cypriot Criminal Code.