Month: March 2015

The week in “blasphemy” news #8

The aftermath of the brutal “blasphemy” lynching of a young woman in Afghanistan, who had done nothing more than standing up to conmen who happened to be mullahs;

Jordan wants a new international convention “to prevent disrespect for religions and religious symbols” — what could possibly go wrong?!;

And in a first for Egypt, an Islamic activist accused of offending against Christianity has had his conviction upheld by the court of appeals.

It’s the eighth of our Friday-to-Friday round-ups of “blasphemy”-related news and views. Continue reading »

“Maa Hama farkhunda yem” … “We are all Farkhunda”

Last week we covered the horrifying murder of a young woman, Farkhuna, killed on the streets of Kabul after she was accused of “blasphemy”, supposedly for burning a copy of the Koran. (This is a common false, malicious accusation, used as a spark for “blasphemy” violence.)

This act of violence cuts viscerally into many more issues besides “blasphemy” alone, of course: deep misogyny, gross injustice, the mentality and the horror of mob violence. The Daily Beast has a fascinating and in-depth look at the response from local women and other mourners. Continue reading »

The week in “blasphemy” news #7

A woman is lynched on the streets of Kabul for supposedly “burning the Koran”. A man is sentenced to death for “reading incorrectly” in Pakistan. And Buddhist “blasphemy” charges sees three men jailed in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, a Russian “blasphemy” case is thrown out of court, only for the Ministry for Culture to announce an “audit” of the accused theatre company! And after two years there’s been some progress at last in the investigation into the murder of an atheist accused of “insulting Islam” in Bangladesh — But why is the march of justice so slow?

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The week in “blasphemy” news #6

Public beheadings for blasphemy and homosexuality, a diplomatic furore stemming from Raif Badawi’s “insult to Islam” sentence, the Dalai Lama “blasphemes” his own religion, says China, and Rafida Bonya Ahmed speaks out after her husband’s murder three short weeks ago. Continue reading »

The week in “blasphemy” news #5

The aftermath of the murder of Avijit Roy sees the authorities acting – but it appears a case of too little, far too late. Turkey blocks the website of the Turkish Atheism Association. An anti-“blasphemy” campaigners in the UK have a slightly sinister message. The fifth of our weekly round-ups of “blasphemy” news. Continue reading »