Cape Verde


Cape Verde has an estimated population of 583,000. According to a 2010 census, 77% of the population is Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant, and 2% Muslim. The country is home to other religious minorities and a total of 11% are religiously unaffiliated.

Cape Verde is a stable democracy with frequent transitions of power between competing parties. Reports indicate that civil liberties, including freedom of religion or belief, are protected by the Constitution and in practice.

‘Blasphemy’ laws

Cape Verde prohibits the ridicule of religious symbols under Article 49 of the Constitution

Article 49: Freedom of conscience, religion, and worship
(7) Protection of places of worship is guaranteed, as well as religious symbols, ensigns, and rites, and mocking or ridicule is prohibited.

No penalty is specified for the violation of this article. Researchers could not document cases of prosecution of “blasphemy”.