Month: September 2015

The week in “blasphemy” news #34

In Pakistan, a judge confirms death sentences for two brothers, saying that in addition to being accused of ‘blasphemy’ they “also have no belief in Allah Almighty”. Pakistan is also reportedly negotiating with Youtube about a blasphemy-free service so they can un-ban the banned video-sharing platform, and there’s a warning that ISIS may be about to target Pakistani Christians. In United Arab Emirates a man is dragged before court because a strange said he thought he heard him “curse God”. And the BBC interviews players in Bangladesh’s crisis of anti-atheist violence. This is the thirty-fourth of our weekly round-ups of blasphemy news from around the world. Continue reading »

The week in “blasphemy” news #33

A new “blasphemy” law proposed in Bahrain worries government opposition (and anyone in favour of free expression), Iran’s blasphemy prosecution forces spiritual leader into hunger strike, Pakistan persecutes Hindus and considers amendments, Thailand reacts badly to refugee Christians from Pakistan, India sees a fatwa against a musician for working on the Iranian Muhammad film, and there’s a seriously confused cleric in Morocco. Continue reading »

The week in “blasphemy” news #32

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The week in “blasphemy” news #31

This is our 31st weekly round-up of “blasphemy” news from around the world. This week: Saudi Arabia versus Iran, ISIS versus history, Russia versus Mephistopheles. There’s murder in India, arrests in Egypt and Gambia, some Muslim groups in Canada are questioning Quebec’s proposed anti-‘blasphemy’ law, and is there a “blasphemous” cult developing around ex-Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga?

  • “Saudi Arabia’s top cleric slams Iran’s movie on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”
  • ISIS thugs continue to maraud around, blowing up cultural treasures (and stealing some of them for profit), as well as torturing and killing people for no good reason
  • Russia: Historical facade on building destroyed by “religious thugs”
  • India: Campaigner against superstition shot dead in his own home
  • Egypt: Christian arrested for giving out Bibles
  • Gambia: Man faces possible jail sentence for Facebook post featuring Muhammad picture
  • Canada: Concerns on Quebec’s Bill 59 widen
  • Kenya: Cult worshiping recent former Prime Minister is “blasphemy”

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